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Of course, said exit is often out of reach, and with your little tyke not being that great a jumper she has to rely on a handy elastic rope to get her around. Think Bionic Commando but with some decent rope physics thrown into the mix and you have a good idea of what to expect from this enchanting game. Their loss was our gain however, as it’s easily one the best brawlers on Nintendo’s 16-bit wonder.

They were so similar, in fact, that many people thought Flashback was an Out of this World sequel. The two stand alone as their own separate experiences, and Out of this World’s story of the unfortunate physicist Lester who gets accidentally teleported to an alien world is still a tale worth experiencing today. One of only three different launch titles available to own alongside your newly-purchased SNES back in 1991, Pilotwings was Nintendo’s showpiece for the power of the 16-bit system.

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You rode Tauntauns across the frozen wastes of Hoth, flipped and dashed your way through the bogs of Dagobah and tried not to lose your footing and fall to your death from the precipitous heights of Cloud City. It seems only fair to put at least one quirky Japanese title in the top ten, so our vote goes to the delightful Umihara Kawase. Taking control of an adorably cute little girl, the aim of each stage is simple – avoid the bizarre fishy enemies and reach the door on each exit.

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Ten spots back at position #79, we said that the cinematic platformer Flashback was unlike almost anything else available on the SNES – this game is why that “almost” had to be in there. Out of this World is a similar experience to Flashback, with its usage of rotoscoped live-action animation and general style of gameplay.

  • Add in fun combat, a terrifying villain, and an unforgettable soundtrack, and Final Fantasy IV withstands the test of time.
  • The game looked amazing, played even better, and its character roster was by far the largest in any fighting game of the time.
  • The game was a superb port of the arcade version and, unlike the original Street Fighter II, it played at full speed.
  • The Mode-7 airship flights provided jaw-dropping visuals.

Great looking sprites, a solid roster of characters, new moves, plenty of additional animation and thumping good gameplay made Alpha II a winner. We’ve no idea why the first game didn’t appear on the SNES, but Capcom more than made up for it with this excellent sequel. An outstanding fighter that deserves to be in everyone’s SNES collection. Konami released some outstanding titles for Nintendo’s 16-bit wonder, but this cracking effort from 1992 is arguably one of its best efforts.

It was Nintendo’s new Mode 7 technology that made it possible, a software technique that created the illusion of depth by taking flat surfaces and presenting them from any angle. But few of us knew that term at the time – for wide-eyed young boys and girls seeing it in action for the first time 20 years ago, it may as well emulator download have been magic. The second of a trilogy of Star Wars film adaptations for the SNES, Super Empire Strikes Back threw 16-bit players headfirst into frantic fights for their lives across all of the movie’s most memorable set pieces.

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