What do you want to be when you grow up? This question at some point in our lives hits most of us as kids. Some kids have a better idea of what their calling is and reply with a realistic answer such as: “I want to be a Pilot!” while some others in a playful manner would say: “I want to be a Mermaid!” this doesn’t necessarily imply that the ones who responded with the most serious answer would grow to be what they said they’d want to be (although statistically speaking; most pilots knew they wanted to become a pilot sometime between the ages of five and twelve).


The point is that any person with ambition will come up with a dream to devote his/her life to (hopefully sometime before they turn thirty). We all go through different stages of life and learn something new within ourselves along the way. The struggle is real – to figure it all out and to make that one specific “dream” come true while not giving up and standing tall every step of the way. Then one day with all clarity you’ve found the courage and knowledge to make it happen: To become the person you’ve always wanted to be. When everything transitions from being a DREAM to becoming a PLAN.


As the founder and CEO of Ceēnie, I’d like to share the details of this transition with you. During these biweekly journals you will learn about my experiences leading up to the creation of this concept, and become familiarized with history, art and culture to better recognize the uniqueness of each hand crafted Ceēnie and it’s decorative, yet practical purpose.


I’m the little girl that had big dreams as a kid, believing that one day I could move mountains, and influence people’s lives for the good – the creation of Ceenie is my way of making that dream come true.