Cable television on Campus. Cable television Services can be purchased in all residence halls and college apartments.

Cable television on Campus. Cable television Services can be purchased in all residence halls and college apartments.

Satellite tv Services can be purchased in all residence halls and university flats. Household Life and EAIS work cooperatively to present these solutions. Household lifetime is in charge of the channel fall into line, while EAIS provides upkeep help.

Demands for development modifications must certanly be directed towards the Housing Services at x3745.

7 – NBC 8 – TBS 9 – CBS 10 – FOX 17
11 – WCMU 12 – CW 13 – ABC 20 – TWC
21 – WFSU 22 – CH 22 23.1 – NBC Wood 24.1 – ESPN
24.2 – ESPN 2 25.1 – TNT 25.2 – TENNIS 25.3 – FSD
26.1 – FOX NEWS 26.2 – Fox Sports 1 26.3 – A&E 27.1 – CNN
27.2 – United States Of America 27.3 – DISK 28.1 – TRUTV 28.2 – BRAVO
28.3 – History 29.1 – Animal Earth 29.2 – MEALS 29.3 – TLC
30.1 – FX 31.1 – AMC 31.2 – SPIKE 31.3 – TRAVEL
32.1 – WGN 32.2 – Cartoon System 33.1 – MTV 33.2 ABCFAM
33.3 – NICK 34.1 – Dis JR 34.2 – DIS 34.3 – OXYGEN
35.1 – BET 35.2 – E! 35.3 – NGEO 36.1 – Starz
36.2 – Encore 37.1 – Starz Cinema 37.2 – TCM 37.3 – VH1
38.2 – MTVU 38.3 – GSN 39.1 – CMT 39.2 – BBC America
39.3 – SYFY 40.1 – Life Time 40.2 – Hallmark 41.1 – BTN
42.1 – Comedy Core 42.2 – NBCSN 42.3 – TBS

To position an ad on Cable 7, you need to contact the pupil strategies Desk into the University Center to acquire approval. Upon approval, they’ll supply the information that is necessary put an ad.

The FSU Cable system changed to an electronic digital system which now includes more high-definition channels along side regular regional development. So that you can simply take full benefit, please be certain to carry an electronic digital television with QAM tuner to be used on campus. A QAM tuner enables your electronic television to get cable that is digital straight without a group top package. If you’re not sure in case your television features a QAM tuner, please consult your TV’s maker. You can even search the make and model of one’s TV on line using the search engines such as for example or

We now have put together the information that is following tv compatibility, and provided this list as a casual guide for more recent products. These details isn’t meant to be complete. FSU cannot guarantee the precision for this information. You really need to nevertheless confirm the requirements whenever the purchase is made by you.

  • Dynex – only models that are limited a QAM tuner
  • Insignia – only models that are limited a QAM tuner
  • LG – Many models since 2007 have QAM tuner
  • Samsung – All models since 2009 have a QAM tuner (fifth digit of model quantity needs to be B or more)
  • Sony – Many models since 2007 have QAM tuner
  • Sylvania – usually do not may actually have QAM tuners
  • Toshiba – Most models since 2007 have QAM tuner
  • Visio – Present models have QAM tuner
  • Westinghouse – Some models need QAM tuner activation

By purchasing a converter box if you have an analog TV (tube TV, non-HD flat screen) you can continue to use it. Some flat display screen HD TVs don’t have a QAM electronic tuner. The iView 3500STBII Multi-Function Digital Converter Box is preferred to look at all Ferris offered cable networks; this is situated online. Similar containers can be used too. If you choose to obtain a converter package it should be a QAM TO ANALOG converter package.

In the event that you television doesn’t have a QAM tuner, it is possible to check always one out in the TAC IT Solution Center, found in the University Center 108. You need to bring exactly exactly exactly what brand name tv you’ve got plus the model quantity to confirm it doesn’t have the proper tuner.

Whenever linking to a brand new cable provider, televisions need certainly to go through a procedure called a Channel Scan. This scan enables the tv to get the channels that are new. Please stick to the steps below to effectively scan the upon campus stations.

Note: This procedure may change from television to television, therefore please look at your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s site for detailed guidelines.

1. Press the “Menu” key for you Digital television remote.

2. Head to “Setup” or “Settings. “

3. Head to “Installation, ” or “System, ” or “stations. “

4. When there is an alternative for Air/Cable please select Cable.

5. Go to “Scan Channels, ” Program Channels, ” “Autoscan, ” or “Autotuning. “

6. Press “choose, ” or “Enter, ” or “OK” to begin the scan.

Ensure your television is connected directly into an operating wall kevin warhol flirt4free plug. Find the TV socket in your living space and link one end of this coaxial cable to it therefore the other end towards the “CATV” or “VHF IN” in your television.

Your television that is digital must a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to work well with the college’s cable solution. The QAM tuner enables your television to get hi-def cable development with no cable set top package. Regrettably, some less costly TVs have a poor qam tuner which will never be in a position to pick up most of the electronic stations. You ought to validate the specs whenever you buy your television.

A NTSC (nationwide Television System Committee) tuner isn’t suitable. This television will demand a digital-to-analog converter field to see tv signals.

An ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner can get electronic signals but just isn’t suitable for the college’s cable system.

For help, call (231) 591-4822 to report a challenge and choose the menu that is appropriate, or e-mail us at email protected. A specialist will organize to repair the nagging issue for you personally.

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