Best dating apps. Finalists would be established in mid-October!

Best dating apps. Finalists would be established in mid-October!

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Best Relationship App – Bumble

Finalist in Dating Apps

Entered in Instagram Presence

About this entry

The goal of our Instagram would be to offer relatable content to our users which makes them laugh and think.

you want to split up Bumble through the preconceived notions of dating apps being hopeless, and rather wish our platform become a safe, sort, empowered and relevant destination to satisfy brand brand new individuals.

We began brand that is building through memes and humorous content around our launch couple of years ago, and now have create a cult after since that time. By using feedback and need from both our users and our social media marketing existence, we have been in a position to expand past dating into relationship finding with Bumble BFF.

Social networking is really a direct channel to our supporters and users. We want to deliver our message and core values where we understand our user base is active, involved, and ready to pay attention. On @bumble, we challenge sex norms and motivate visitors to be the ideal variations of by by themselves daily.

How come this entry deserve to win?

Our Instagram is just one of the components of our brand name that individuals learn about many. Right from the start, we desired the brand name to become a personification of our core group that young women can relate with and discover energy from. We have beenn’t afraid to talk about topics that brands frequently shy far from, so we love to talk about the genuine challenges of being and dating a girl in contemporary tradition.

Aside from the most of meme reports on Instagram, our company is notorious for making use of our caption being an accepted spot to help expand spread our message. The caption is perhaps the absolute most part that is important of account, and exactly how we keep in touch with our supporters. We compose in freestyle prose (also known as rants) where we dabble in unabashed, challenging, bold subjects using the voice of a closest friend and fellow millennial.

We utilize Instagram being a continuing conversation device, and a method to link often with your users. We additionally ushered in a motion of “pretty memes,” directly after we pointed out that there was a trend on the web; unsightly memes are noticed much more funny. We like our brand name colors to pop the page off and keep Bumble’s branding when you look at the design through the subtlety of this design. Because why can not meme records additionally be gorgeous? >


In 2 quick years, we have been able to develop our account to 432K faithful, involved, and followers that are real.

We do use the platform to raise money for organizations that support women’s health and human rights while we aren’t political. We have donated around $130,000 to charities that are different raised understanding by leveraging our platforms for both Planned Parenthood and Save The young ones. We highly believe that with reach comes responsibility that is social and now we go for humor to push humanitarian texting without violence or alienating individuals with differing globe views.

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