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Wooden art pieces, Which we call “Khātam”

After a few days in Shiraz I realized that some of the amazing khatam-kari’s that I’d seen in Vakil bazaar have been inspired by the geometric patterns of some of these beautiful places, such as the tomb of Hafiz and details of Saadi’s mausoleum, the amazing mirror hall of the Qavam house and the memorable […]

Beyond Inspirational

Beautiful city of Shiraz is a sight for the eye at any time of the year but I’d recommend spring time as Shiraz is home to infamous private and public gardens that one could only dream of their beauty and fragrance. Amongst our visits to some of these gardens were: Afif-abaad Garden, Eram Garden and […]


City of Love, Poem, and Wine

After our visit to Kerman, I found myself packing again and this time I was traveling from Tehran to Shiraz. Ceēnie’s wanderlust journeys continued. Shiraz – The capital city of the Fars Province, and one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia is known to be the city of Love, Poem, and Wine (gotta admit […]



As I dove deeper into the old and narrow alleys of the Coppersmith’s section of the Vakil – Bazaar, I learned that in this modern age, Kerman’s famous copper Ceēnies offered at the Bazaar are no longer entirely hand made due to its close proximity to the legendary Jame’e Mosque. The historical mosque is adorned […]


First Stop! KERMAN …

I’ve never been a fan of long road trips and my travel from Tehran to Kerman was no different. After hours of a not-so-scenic bus ride I finally got off, hopped in a cab and headed to a café that I had been recommended to located in the Vakil Bazaar. As I began to sip […]



What do you want to be when you grow up? This question at some point in our lives hits most of us as kids. Some kids have a better idea of what their calling is and reply with a realistic answer such as: “I want to be a Pilot!” while some others in a playful […]