Ceēnie is a precious home decor brand established to connect the rich artistic traditions of the East to the modern day dwellings and art collections of the West.

Ceēnie (a decorative handcrafted flat tray in Farsi) originated in Europe in the 1600s. Little by little the trend traveled globally, as ancient commerce and cultural interactions were manifested through the Silk Road, linking cultures from the East to the West. People from various races embraced the concept of Ceēnie by adding their native artful touch to its patterns, and materials of creation.

Ceēnie is a shallow platform designed for carrying and serving items such as fruits, teas, food, wine, sweets, and much more. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in round or rectangular forms.


It’s not a “Bandeja”, it’s not a “Plateau”, it’s not a “Tray”. It’s a C e ē n i e.

Ceēnie’s mission is to provide the highest quality precious dishes into your home by hand selecting each unique art piece from different regions.

Our creative process began by Maryam’s travels to thousand-year-old cities and historic Bazaars in Iran throughout her search for authentic handmade Ceēnies.

Every selected Ceēnie encompasses a personal trait unique to its origins and method of creation. Cheers to crossing boarders with the introduction of beauty from all around the world.